Poker in Prague

    • Ponyrider
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      I'm member of polish community of Pokerstrategy and I'm visiting Prague this weekend and I'd like to play some cash game (preferably at stakes 10-20)

      I'll be staying at:

      Toby's Hostel
      Address: Delnická 24, (Holesovice), Prague, Prague, 170
      00, Czech Republic

      Could you please write here if there is any casino nearby? Or which casino would you reccommend to play (directions on how to get there would be perfect :) )

      Thanks in advance for your help

      best regards from Poland

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    • beuiksaer
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      Hi Michal,

      i live in Holesovice,but in this area isn´t any casino to play poker.I can´t recommend u any coz I´ve never played live in Prague:( (still playing online), but most of poker rooms are in town center(metro station Muzeum), so see this page an choose one:)

      GL and nice stay in Prague