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Poker in your country

    • shn11eleven
      Registrace: 09.07.2009 Příspěvky: 384
      Hello, sry for spamming not in czech on yours forum, but i dont speak czech and still i need to talk to You somehow ;)

      i`d like to ask you some questions about online poker in czech ::

      i read the cornick's blog, where he posted some info about that, but i have some further questions about stuff that he didnt included there...

      1st of all :: id like to know about whats the tax %rate that you are obligated to 'tax urself' with

      and 2nd only a bit co-related to the prev. subject : does your banks req. citizenship statement when opening bank acc. in your country, or being a UEcountry citizen with 'registered' living in czech is enough ?

      whats more - id also be glad if someone tell me if my expectations about "living costs" in prague are "well estimated"... i mean - i googled your's long-term renting appartment services and i estimated that for ~12k czk i have a good shot to rent 2man flat, so its like 350usd per 1 man, but i have no idea how much internet, heating & food can cost me... so pls tell me - do you find it possible to live at average for like 4,5k czk (excluding flat renting ofc) in prague ? if not, then whats the more realistic monthly outcome for food & 'live' costs ?
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    • michael93pl
      Registrace: 05.03.2011 Příspěvky: 922
      hello ; )
      Generally i got the same questions like shn11eleven then i'm bumping the topic.
      I'm thinking about moving to Prague for my next holidays with my friend for 2 months or something.
      Is that possbile to live there for like 4.5k czk per month including appartment rent, food, some drinks, etc ?
      Waiting for some responds, would be glad if someone may help us ;)
    • LooserSR
      Registrace: 27.02.2011 Příspěvky: 1,181
      i lived in prague 2y, flat in the centre(25k/month).
      apartment for 12k for persons maybe shitty one on the edge of prague, u better count with somtehing normal like 20k/month for 2 persons.
      lol at 4.5 k / month costs :s_biggrin:
      forget about some retardded movies u saw, dude, where u r king with 1000 usd :D
      food, going out u need like 8 - 10k / month + rent, so you better be prepared to spend at least 20k czk/month total.

      bank account u probably need only EU citizenship, i didnt need anything else(though might be because czech have some special agreements with slovakia).

      taxes u dont pay from poker(unless u r retarded and tell tx office: hey i want to pay taxes)
    • michael93pl
      Registrace: 05.03.2011 Příspěvky: 922
      Okey, thanks for the answer ; )
      Didnt know anything bout Prague, just shot the amount of cash i would need to live there ;p
      20k czk/month is still not that bad but i'm little suprised, thought it would be less that 1k$ ;D In Poland in centrum of Warsaw I can get the apartment near metro station for about 2k zl /650$(obv the average one) , then for two ppl it counts a bit better. The rest like food, going out etc it's like 350$ per person.

      Anyway, thanks again, at least I know what i can expect from Prague, need to reach next limit and maybe it would be possible 4 me to move to that beautiful town :f_love: