training for NL5-NL50 BSS players

    • snova
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      I'm a Russian professional poker player.
      My working limit is NL200 BSS. Play at Unibet (nick Vedern).
      I gonna come to Unibet Open Prague Feb 16-20th.

      I'd like to find somebody in Prague to stay with for a couple of days.
      You provide room and some sightseeing, I will teach you poker.
      My offer might be of use to a player up to NL50 BSS.

      Skype me if interested.
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    • opal99
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      really nice offer, but not the right place for it. ;)
      I decided to move your thread to more suitable subforum and also delete the duplicate one, as we don't allow multiple threads all over the place. Hope you understand.

      Have fun in Prague!