Ev Hm2

    • mjCch
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      Tak to hle mi napsali včera za HM supportu: Psal jsem jim o tom že mi v HM2 neukazuje správně EV lajna oproti HM1.


      I tested your issue and was unable to produce the results you described. I imported your SNGs and checked all the situation when you go all-in and we got a EV-Calculation on the Hand. The results are correct calculated and displayed in the graph. The $EV in HM2 is shown the EV directly (in HM1 there was a displayed as the diffrent between your real-winnings and your EV-Winnings). I attach you an picture where i try to explain what i mean. Overall you should won 59$ (when it only work with EV), but you lost -50.
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