Jak se máš? :s_thumbsup:
Is there any board Users meat users or sth like that. If it's wrong - sorry.

My name’s Kris (FB on PM - in Poland we have some problems) and I’m travelling with my female-friend Karolina (as well :s_cool: ). We are both students. She is studing at University of Economy and I at Wroclaw University of Technology (very good studyies but quite boring).
We have no experience in Couch surfing. We are traveling to Barcelona (we tried Roma – http://www.autostoprace.pl but we cannot take part in). 10 countries, 10+ languages, 1010+ people to meet

I am wondering if you have only piece of ground and blanket for one night Friday/Saturday (27/28.04)

I can provide my skills in MTT (nick as here) and NL25 SH. AND/OR We can party. We can bring traditional polish vodka :s_biggrin: Na zdraví!

The best scenario: near to Praha (want to visit Karlovy Lázně - worth it?) or other place near to South - West ČR.

Best regards,

BTW. Hot or Not