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Living in Prague. Looking for a room/flat :)

    • mjeszko
      Registrace: 13.06.2009 Příspěvky: 844

      I'm from Poland. Sorry for my English ;) I am going to move to Prague in October and stay there for a few months. I visited Prague last month and I have to admit that it is a beautiful city with many casinos :f_biggrin:

      Moving to a new city could be challenging so I've got some questions:

      1. Which districts of Prague are rather safe places to live in and not so far away from the ciy center?

      2. I found that website http://sreality.cz/ for flat lease, are there any others that you can recommend?

      3. Could you please give me some names of the casinos that offers decent cash games?

      4. How is the situation in Czech with online poker? Is it legal? Are there any taxes?

      I think for now I don't have any more questions :) Thank you for your help! :f_biggrin:

      Peace mjeszko.
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    • maroscz
      Registrace: 23.02.2011 Příspěvky: 1,621
      @2 sreality is definitely the best server for flat lease. You can find private offers there, which are usualy the best choice, and majority of other companies advertise their offers there as well. I believe u won't need to search anywhere else.

      @4 situation is unclear so no one bothers :) U can acces all the poker sites without troubles. AFAIK even czech citizens haven't experienced any troubles with tax authorities, so as a stranger i believe you can feel absolutely safe.
    • 5betMe
      Registrace: 19.06.2011 Příspěvky: 57
      Hi !

      1. I think you can move wherever you want. Prague is safe city. I would recommend you Vysočany ( thats where I am staying right now ). 15 minutes to city center. Prague is not that big, so you can travel for poker in relatively short time.

      2. My favourite is www.bezrealitky.cz
      There are only private offers, no real estates.

      3. What is decent ? :)
      Lot of games in Prague are CZK 10/20 blinds, Forbes Vinohrady, CardCasino, Concord card casino.
      You can find bigger games, but that depends on players.
      I think in CardCasino and Concord and Aleks are 2 tables CZK 25/50.
      Sometimes 50/100 at theese casinos. As I said, depends on players...
    • mjeszko
      Registrace: 13.06.2009 Příspěvky: 844
      Thank you for responses :)
    • mjeszko
      Registrace: 13.06.2009 Příspěvky: 844
      Does anyone need a flatmate in Prague for a few months? ;)
    • Fiskantes
      Registrace: 25.05.2011 Příspěvky: 7,782
      Hi, I have to move your thread to our offtopic section :)