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Bangladesh players on stars micro crosspost forum thread

    • Avataren
      Registrace: 28.04.2010 Příspěvky: 1,753
      i play with a lot of you guys on a daily basis I thought it be a good idea to get your attention and opinion on this matter.


      I had a talk with my good friend Nihility77 whom if you ever played 25/50c FL know for sure.. That lately within these last few months a crap ton of Bangladesh players suddenly started to appear on the tables ranging from amazing 5/Tc to 0.5/1.. Anyone else finding this suspicious ? I and my friend have written to stars support asking for an investigation of them being bots but so far none has been proven a bot. All play a winning style at their games.. like 35/27/15 .. All of them have weird lines as RC|donk/call|donk/raise|bet with AQo on 45572 boards. I mean how often do you see players from Bangladesh and on top of that all of them playing somewhat solid for their stakes at least winning styles. none of them share tables ever.

      25/50c : AAJ NOY KAAL, Prodip707, MicroMilions(this guy has moved up to 0.5/1 as far as i know), Ki je Kori

      5/Tc KingQueeeen, NiteLovers, BabyPokerist, win To ShoW

      on top of this Prodip707 has been seen chatting in english , perfect english.. There is a few more names that i cannot remember sadly. Im suspecting they are all sitting in the same house basically or something because this is just very weird. suddenly a bunch of Bangladesh guys jump on the tables and start winning immediately. on top of that so many accounts I could accept 1 - 3 guys but 8 and theres a few more i haven't added as i can't remember their account names.
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