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Moving to prague permanently

    • kabotajoe
      Registrace: 10.11.2010 Příspěvky: 699

      I consider moving to prague and have a few questions.

      What is the tax situation like for professional poker players? (online and offline)

      I assume residence can be claimed pretty easily since i'm from a eu-country?

      How hard is it to get a like a 3-room Appartment, when you have no "proof of income".

  • 1 odpověď
    • vojta5
      Registrace: 13.01.2014 Příspěvky: 189

      1. Tax: offline its tax free, the casino´s already pay up for your taxes. Online its kinda in the grey zone right now, even though the law is not enforced at all (afaik) playing on websites which aren´t registrated in Czech republic (most of them..) could be considered illegel imo. Even though the amendment of "gambling laws" which is expected for 2016 could change the whole situation totally, but very hard to guess in which way.
      2. Im guessing it wont be a problem, but I dont have any actual experience.
      3. Shouldn´t be hard, you will be probably asked for 3-month refundable deposit.