Raising Limpers in MTTs

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In this HH review JonathanLittle focuses on hands where players limped in front of him.


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  • CBFunk


  • ssserzh999


    Прикольно, на 23 минуте замолвил слово про плохую игру Кравченко с 33)))
  • johnnyz


    in low stakes, tons of player limps.
    how to play KQ, KJ kind of hand on the button?
  • getdotacom


    Can You tell me how to play these hands when short guy limps, You raise IP with AQ and your opponent shoves about pot on flops
    3)KJ9 2 cards suited of suit You don't have

    Nice vid, as usual :)
  • alwayswinning1111


    lol ur all in at 8:20 with 44 is really insane ;)
  • JonathanLittle


    It greatly depends on stack sizes but in general, I would call on all of them as long as you are getting around 2:1 or better and I would call on the first two getting 1.5:1 but fold the second one. Basically, figure out how much equity you have against their range and call if you are getting a good price.
  • JonathanLittle


    Like I said, the 44 push was just too much. I still like the J8 push. The limper almost protects me from getting called from someone behind me. I also felt like I had a decent amount of fold equity because I figured he had a wide range, which he did. Apparently I didnt realize he would call with a lot of junky hands.
  • waiting


    4:30 lol @ horst heftig ...
  • Guthans


    Hey Jonathan,
    At 28.10ish you raise KK and get 3bet by the SB, how come you instantly read that 3bet as strength? Is it because it's early in the tournament or because you raise over a limper?

    Thank you.
  • JonathanLittle


    When you raise a limp, which is generally strong, then the small blind reraises, which is also really strong, you can be pretty confident your opponent has a strong hand. If there was no limp or the 3bet came from the button instead of the blinds, my read would have been much different and I probably would have called.