PLO1k Deep Session Review with GodlikeRoy

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Short-handed
(10 Hlasy) 8853


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GodlikeRoy switches from live action to session review and presents you a more detailed analysis form a session he recently played on the $5/10 tables. Watch his methods of analysing his hands in retrospective and and use them for improving your own game.


Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the highstakes PLO action with Roy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • cohkka


    komplettes video nur für den staff oder was? ;)
  • chenny8888


    really enjoyed this vid, nice one
  • cohkka


    complete video just for the staff or what? ;)

    (u can delete my german message. and if you want this one too when the mistake has been corrected.)
  • elwallo666


    Very nice vid, liked it a lot!
  • praios


    cool selbst als black kann man nur 4mins gucken
  • chikenchons


    ^^ hehe
  • 4Tom4


    was soll der quark?
  • homiebd


    wat! it shows for bonze members but to me its just another 4 minutes :(
  • FishermansFriend


    sry guys, something weird happened here, should be fine now
  • lessthanthreee


    very very good :) thanks a lot
  • GodlikeRoy


    Thanks guys! Any suggestions for my next video? Also, check out my blog at -)
  • Thormtos91


    Yeah, I have a suggestion about a new vid, or vid series.

    I think it is very interesting to see the differences between limits. So where to look for first when you go to a new limit (from 1/2 to 2/4 or 2/4 to 3/6 etc.)

    A series where you begin at 1/2, and each vid one limit higher (say until 5/10 or 10/20) and focus on differences between the previous and the current (in the particular vid).

    You know little bit what I mean? ;)

  • GodlikeRoy


    that's a really great idea and i think i will do that. thanks :)
  • Kyyberi


    You can see the odds from the "hand history" in the replayer. :)
  • Thormtos91


    nice :)

    I think 3betting in PLO, at least for me, is kind of difficult. Both IP and OOP. 3betting in the blinds vs the button for example, because the button can call with a lot of his hands and your oop, so which hands do you choose? I don't think a lot of AAxx cause that's mostly your perceived range i think (at lower stakes).

    Another example: Your on the button with TJ97ss with one raise in front of you. 3bet or not? You can 3bet for value ofcource, but the hand also plays great multiway. Same situation but with a medium AAxx, say AAT7ss. If you 3bet your hand is kinda facce up against villians who think yoo have often AAxx.

    And than there are the situations in the co where the button is a loose player and calls your 3bets a decent amout of the time.

    Some idea's to talk about in future vids ;)
  • GodlikeRoy


    Thanks, I will definitely make a note to talk about 3betting a bit more in future vids, i'll try to use those examples too :)
  • MarcPS


    more please! great vid. would defo like to see something like you suggested at the end, e.g. review of 5/6 key hands from a session in real detail, in 3/4 bet pots, etc.
  • AllgaeuHero


    turataika is btw a very successfull mtt player but as it seems a plo fish...actually I see a lot of mtt player donating their money on stars plo games (hotkarlmc and neverscaredb eg)

    some theory vids would be nice or a video where you focus on specific spots as playing ofp, 3bet pots etc
  • LooserSR


    great vid. i would like to see tematic videos - 3b spots IP, OOP, 4b spots, or what type of hands and when to call on flop vs PFR or something like that