Finding Your A-Game: Warm-Up

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In the next Part of "Finding Your A-Game" Erik Stenqvist brings us a structured approach of building a solid warm-up routine around session goals, mindfulness, visulization and Signs of Tilt How to approach a session like a professional


Finding Your A-Game series thematic video

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  • fitzinator18


    Erik gives us more mental game tips, enjoy!

    As always feedback is appreciated please leave any in the comments section below.
  • ErikStenqvist


    Hello everyone!

    Hope you enjoy this second video in the series Finding Your A-Game. Any questions you might have you can find me in the forums :)

    And all the credit goes to the two guys that made this possible and their material from which I have built the series on: Jared Tendler and Tommy Angelo.

  • martinemem


    extremely usefull, extremely helpfull, and i cant wait until the first cashout would be to a tilt laptop. Or maybe just to my poker ssd disk.

    (A bit messy with all these notes i have right now :D)

    Again i can recognize something from the visualization part, that i until now couldnt put word on.

    Im guessing pro pokerplayers would have sligthly bigger understanding on the brain than the casual work grinder. Means dont we just know 10% of what the brain include / is capable of? So im getting to more % every day :D

    I do though find it a bit "much" to work on, but i guess thats why i have been improving so slowly until now.
  • martinemem


    Also, love the part of hesitation because i get that a lot. Because everytime i look at my notes, im realising that it is waste time to spy on facebook :D and other inet surf stuffs.
  • brunomp


    Very very good!!! waiting the 3rd part!!

    Great Job!!
  • BC1989RF


    Loved it again. keep the good work!
  • ErikStenqvist


    #3 Take it slow and steady. Start implementing mindfulness and visualization gradually into your warm-up and daily life gradually. :)

    #5/6 Thanks guys! Glad you liked it. :)
  • trombini


    Translate to portuguese, pls!!!

  • rogerpousada


    Caring for the mental part of poker is very important for a successful session.
    Nice lesson...


    En español por favor! :'(
  • s0cru3l


    What to say...GREAT JOB! :D

    I really like the surfer mental game image.
  • s0cru3l


    have a question to warm up:

    I play two sessions.
    I do some session review 1.5h-2h, than watch the 1st vid and play...15-19:00.
    Than i go for a walk...30minutes and than do i have to do another warm up?
    I had only 1-1.5hour(max) break between sessions, so i should be prepared properly.
  • MisterSnS


    #12 I would say try out both ways and figure out what works best for you. When you evaluate your first session you can for instance set / adjust your session goals for the second one
  • JonasJordan


    i play 3 sessions a day, if i do 20 min warm ups and 20 min cool downs - I do this 2 hours a day I simply feel thats to much time, whats your take on that Erik?
  • ErikStenqvist


    #12 The best thing for you to do is to take a week or so and try to do the warm-up after your walk and see how you fel about it. Some days you will need it other days not. Try to get good at knowing when you need one and when you dont. From my experience its better to do them too much in as you are practicing it in the beginning.

    #14 You can create shroter warm-ups to fit a tighter schedule. Maybe just doing the mindfulness for 5 minutes and then go over session goals etc. And you can also do short cool down after hte first two sessions and then a longer one after the third one that looks at the daya s a whole.