Finding Your A-Game: Warm-Up

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In the next Part of "Finding Your A-Game" Erik Stenqvist brings us a structured approach of building a solid warm-up routine around session goals, mindfulness, visulization and Signs of Tilt How to approach a session like a professional


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  • fitzinator18


    Erik gives us more mental game tips, enjoy!

    As always feedback is appreciated please leave any in the comments section below.
  • martinemem


    extremely usefull, extremely helpfull, and i cant wait until the first cashout would be to a tilt laptop. Or maybe just to my poker ssd disk.

    (A bit messy with all these notes i have right now :D)

    Again i can recognize something from the visualization part, that i until now couldnt put word on.

    Im guessing pro pokerplayers would have sligthly bigger understanding on the brain than the casual work grinder. Means dont we just know 10% of what the brain include / is capable of? So im getting to more % every day :D

    I do though find it a bit "much" to work on, but i guess thats why i have been improving so slowly until now.
  • martinemem


    Also, love the part of hesitation because i get that a lot. Because everytime i look at my notes, im realising that it is waste time to spy on facebook :D and other inet surf stuffs.
  • brunomp


    Very very good!!! waiting the 3rd part!!

    Great Job!!
  • BC1989RF


    Loved it again. keep the good work!
  • trombini


    Translate to portuguese, pls!!!

  • rogerpousada


    Caring for the mental part of poker is very important for a successful session.
    Nice lesson...


    En español por favor! :'(
  • s0cru3l


    What to say...GREAT JOB! :D

    I really like the surfer mental game image.
  • s0cru3l


    have a question to warm up:

    I play two sessions.
    I do some session review 1.5h-2h, than watch the 1st vid and play...15-19:00.
    Than i go for a walk...30minutes and than do i have to do another warm up?
    I had only 1-1.5hour(max) break between sessions, so i should be prepared properly.
  • MisterSnS


    #12 I would say try out both ways and figure out what works best for you. When you evaluate your first session you can for instance set / adjust your session goals for the second one
  • JonasJordan


    i play 3 sessions a day, if i do 20 min warm ups and 20 min cool downs - I do this 2 hours a day I simply feel thats to much time, whats your take on that Erik?