Maximize Your Productivity: Procrastination

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Schnitzelfisch continues his maximize your productivity series with a look at procrastination and how to avoid it


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  • barbeysize


    procrastination? like watching new video on procrastination instead of playing session?
  • AmorPL


    You are very good in producting videos. Your videos aren't neither short nor long. Exactly what I like. Also quality is very good. Your knowledge is very impressive and thanks for sharing this very cool stuff with us. You are doing great job :D
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #2 You're welcome!
  • SanWogi


    Thanks for the vid about a very important topic in life! Do you know Parkinsons law of inertia: “Delay is the deadliest form of denial.”

    The inner resistance, overthinking and ruminations are interesting issues. I want to point out that if people try hard and don't overcome their procrastination, there might be something serious behind it.
    I guess, if those action steps don't work it might be because something is going wrong inside the head.
    Everbody who procrastinates will face some kind of "inner demon", sometimes there might be some form of depression behind it. So procrastination of course is a bad habit, but it can also be a warning sign. If you procrastinate because you are always lost in thoughts it could be a mental health issue.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #4 I totally agree. From my experience, if you follow the action steps and you still can't get it done, you probably have motivation issues / you don't see a sense in doing the things you're doing / the things aren't exciting to you. In that case, you need to change that - make life exciting for yourself. It's like trying to cure symptoms instead of the cause of a disease :).
  • fuerstIN


    Hi Schnitzelfisch,

    thanks for the helful series!
    I realised how much I was procrastination in general and specificly on one task I should have done till tomorrow. So I just go ahead and do that right now :)
  • DonkeyDirk


    Very good video. This made me work abit for school this evening ty sir :)
  • mblazic87


    @ #4 & 5: How do you do that? Make life exciting for yourself, cure these mental issues and find what these issues really are?

    I tried to become more productive with your guidelines a couple of times with no success and it's bothering me.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #8 I will either discuss that in one of the future videos of this series or in the online course that I'm working on right now with Erik Stenqvist - for more info join the mailing list at
  • Schnitzelfisch


    I also talk about how to successfully implement learning materials a bit in this interview:
  • SanWogi


    @8: In a severe depression I guess you won't even watch these vids to the end or try to take action steps. You are caught up in your ruminations almost all day. In that case you are ill and you need a doctor to prescripe you medicine.
    But in mild depression cases or if you are just have too many bad habits that make you lazy you don't need medication. Instead you need to change your mind. First get aware that you are not doing yourself a favor by just hanging around all day. There is a lot that you can do for yourself to make you more happy. I think Schnitzelfisch and Erik kind of always talk about this in their vids. Exercising, socializing, meditation and eating healthy provide you help to get meaning to life and an overall better and more stable mood.
  • Svinhugg


    I´m using poker to avoid the things I really should be doing.
  • MrMardyBum


    Well, my procrastination has taken a new turn as I am procrastinating I am watching a video about procrastinating!

    Seriously though, I've watched a few of your videos now, and I love the way you approach Poker and life.

    I wish I could reach the mental state you obviously have, but alas, it never fully clicks for me and I go away for a few months after a good run or bad one. Then return and although I am not starting again, I feel I am limiting my growth by not exercising my Poker mind while I am not playing.

    I've tried different ways to negate this effect but every time it seems to end the same, and sometimes when I am playing I just feel I am playing till I reach that point again.

    I've tried many different approaches, study hard, play a little less. Play loads, study less. Doing each set amounts of time. I just can't master myself I guess.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #13 I don't think changing the study/volume ratio will help. Most likely you have motivational issues / you're not making poker exciting enough for yourself, which is why aou are not committing to it ;).

    Consistency is a skill that you need to develop - you might want to think about what you can do to prevent yourself from disappearing for a few months. Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable. Maybe you need something else. But most likely you need to develop a routine that will get triggered and will get you back into productive mode.

    However, if you don't have a clear vision & mission and/or poker is not exciting for you enough, this likely won't work in the long run. In that case, you should work on making it exciting for yourself, or perhaps finding something else.

    It's a process that you have to go through, and it will take a lot of hard work and experimenting. Take a look at the free 7-Day Boot Camp on , there are a couple of techniques that can help you with developing routines that will get you going.
  • MrMardyBum


    Thanks for the link, I am just awaiting the email now.

    Keep doing what you do. :)
  • ULISES21


    Life without procastination is Booooooooooooooring !!!
  • toateslafel


    Great video.