50NL Zoom Review with Uri Peleg

  • Záznamy coachingů
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Short-handed
(17 Hlasy) 7436


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Please enjoy the latest podcast from Uri Peleg's Laboratory as he reviews a student's play at NL50 Zoom on PokerStars


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  • LemOn36


    good one fellas
    how'd you add that text there btw?
    Recorded a vid then recorded another one?
  • sandraardnas


    7:20, do you really think that fish will have enough hands to bet turn?
    He might have some A8,A7,K8 but its low part of his range.
    We have oesd, but if we check we are still gonna win that pot 20% of the time, so is there a point to count on debatable fold equity?
  • sandraardnas


    Okay I see now,
    I never expect unknown fish to fold AJ here though and definitely not QJ but I see your point.
  • LemOn36


    also I loved the picture of how we should feel at the tables Uri so awesome :D
  • sandraardnas


    i we are in villains place how would you play KQ or QJ?
    If call turn then why not valubet river?
    So if he bets river with Qx and overpairs then is it still that easy call?
    Also you said that you want him to have fd here when you are bluffraising. Why? He will most likely call with it and nut fd is most likely better than A6 here.
  • luizsilveira


    @1: you can add the text rather easily with Camtasia. They are called "callouts".

    Excellent video, fantastic work from Uri as always.
  • ForeverScorned


    The whole video is great, but all those noises into the mike (very loud breathing and eating) is pretty annoying, i think you should get a better mike with a noise reduction or care a little bit more bout quality of sound.

    As i said before, great vid, nothing special, but its kinda hard to watch it closely with all those crazy noises :(
  • ForeverScorned


    I ment *nothing personal* :s
  • deadlin


    very nice video (y)