Guide to Turbos - Playing Short-Stacked

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This is the first webinar by Luke Haward, where he focused on playing in turbo tournaments and shallow stacks in general. More information about this miniseries can be found here.


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  • h1tman2


    Non è prevista una traduzione in italiano? :)
  • imgoingtomirage


    Hey, if you have any questions, write them in English, please. Thank you! :)
  • pearlamb


    very nice
  • babypoker55


    Very usefull I will use some tips from this video thank you very much and keep up the good work. Cheers
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    wasted 4mins...
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  • Barbosafred


    good nice
  • Barbosafred


    boas eu sou o barbosa fred gostei imenso do video foi uma boa aprenderem e que devias continuar espero encontrar mais videos teus pois eles sao bons ate a uma proxima
  • stretchi187


    ach her je in englisch das ganze ne dan doch nicht :-)
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  • pearlamb


    Sem um planeamento estratégico competente, ninguém sobreviverá nestes tempos globalizados.
  • h1tman2


    I asked if it was a planned Italian translation, Sorry 4 my english!! :)
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  • serega6081988


    спасибо большое +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ))))))))))
  • Sepurta


    Why people write in other languages under english video? -.-


    Cool, thank you
  • sola17


    нее понятно и не полностью((( потом гляну
  • mmotrea


    ok game
  • onoi4ik


    Спасибо за хорошее видео)
  • matchy600


    video is 4 mins long,,,where is the rest,,what am i doing wrong?
  • matchy600


    oh lol ,,just found out nevermind.