Zoom NL500 with mbml

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Short-handed
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This live play video series brings mbml back to the Zoom NL500 tables. Watch him play and listen to his thinking process that justifies his decisions.


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  • Katrisone


    Hey, I've got couple of questions.

    @15min, T1: If it's possible, could u briefly explain why do u think that 1,5x overbet + potbet R is good there? And also why do u think that villain can perceive potbet more valueheavy than overbet OTR? It seems to me like both sizings are equally polarized. I usually bet smaller OTT and OB R. Obv I collect less dead money, but I bluff the R agains weaker range, so I expect more FEq.

    @20min, T1: What about turning it into a bluff and shove against weaker Ax/KK(splits like Q7s possibly?)? I am afraid that I will almost never win w QT and we have at least blocker to TT, which he can play like this. I assume that u have a lot of valuehands like T9s/89s/ATs/AQ/KJs/(TT-99?) so we can bluff reasonably wide also imo.

  • mbml


    #15min: I think a 1.5X sizing is fine as well, I just felt like the Q could be perceived to be a scarecard and thus I would want to lower my sizing with my value bets. But still, a good player should recognize that I rarely have QX so I don't think it matters too much whether I pot or overbet.

    #20min: I would probably fold out KK but I doubt I'm ever folding out AX. Which I think he has plenty of
  • lando1


    I was only able to watch the first five minutes of the video, because I am not diamond, but they were good.
  • tishkata24


    good (y)
  • simon1312


    Great video, but too bad I cant watch the whole. Not a diamond member....(so far) :))
  • Extramask


    Ohhh finally a new diamond video! But nothing for me :-(
  • keeprisingRNMD


  • KosttuxxRNMD


    All thoughts only using holdem manager.
  • Arunciuz


  • daniroxx100


    super video gefällt mir! kann man echt was lernen. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gozilcho


  • DendiSergey


    i like this 4minuts )))
  • etfils


    wow.. very nice video
  • alendelon911


    good video
  • GingerKid


    Hi, KsQs hand, which you analysed again at the end (called 3bet pot, 3 barreled as bluff, and got called by AQ).
    I noticed that you bet less than half pot on turn, which was strange for me? Why not shove turn with some of KQ, and AJ, KJ, TJ? It will likely generate more FE, I think only Tx,Jx, AsA would call, and still you have nice equity with KQ vs such range. And if you bet so small turn, you just make likely same range from flop calling turn, and KQ has in that case less equity because AQ; AK are in. With weaker Jx I would bet 1/2 turn, and shove river on blank, and off course some weaker bluffs
  • GingerKid


    By the way, video (both parts) are very good. I rather prefer videos with offline hand analyses where you pick up interesting spots, because in your 30 min video, >90% of stuff you play are very standard.


  • ciepa93


    good video but those need more instructive
  • Dawidkuczera1991


    good video :)
  • dericsi10


    Köszönet, tanúságos videó. :)
  • danyclub80


    ohhhh........excellent video
  • IgKr1986


    спасибо за данное видео....хорошее