Poker in Practice - Protection and Underbetting (4)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $100
  • Short-handed
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Our no-limit expert w34z3l continues with his series "Poker in Practice". In this episode he focuses on betting for protection and underbetting.


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  • KingKlaas


    I like the effort you put in to help the NL-community but i am not impressed by this video and will not implement this kind of plays in my game.
  • msnek


    Great stuff ! Cant wait to see results when I will implement this into my play !

    Thank u !
  • GingerKid


    nice video, I like your theory videos in general.
    From my experience, the downside of such small bet sizes is that agro fish get too often induced and raise as crazy, it is great vs passive guys, and most of regs super rarely bluff raise, but they do merge their raise range (top pair +, but usually good kicker, which is still ok, it is important that they dont bluff too often). So I use this a lot, with a difference to your approach that the hands that are too vulnerable I still bet a big higher e.g. 33% bet size I don't want oop to on turn to give so good pot odds to overcards and I usually overbet bluff river with such protection hands when I get called since most players are having super obvious range). So, imo such small protection bets are really fatal weapons at micros, as long as regs dont start bluffing (will happen rarely anyway).
  • Bojanitto


    Really helpful.
  • xedap18


    Oh my good
  • serbianski


    nice info
  • Vforr


    nice )
  • veganstyle


    I liked the video, but I must say that it confuses me a bit where is the line between protecting our hand and not giving good pot odds to villains ¿?¿? I mean, I understand it is not EV+ to give free cards and neither betting big against stronger callings ranges, but by underbetting vulnerable hands we often give very good odds as well, is there anyway to prevent this to happen or is just the way it is?