Maximizing Your Postflop Winrate in MTTs

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $1 - $55
  • Fullring
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Jordyvde presents you his very first video about maximizing your value postflop. Share your feedback & questions, please! Enjoy!


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  • Oger88


    If u bet and your opponent raises, and u reraise it´s a 3bet on the flop
  • PokerrBabe


    Hmm.... 3 bets. .. interesting
  • Hapoin


    Hello from the french community.
    hh number3, KJs vs AQs:
    If you give him preflop JJ+ AQ+ and if he cbet on AQ7 than his range should be AQ/AK/QQ and AA.
    So x/r seems really a bad option.
  • Jordyvde


    Hi Hapoin, i expect him to bet fold some hands on flop. I do think he is 3bet bluffing a little bit pre with hands like AJo for example or KQo KJo.

    Against those hands we have alot of FE and if we get it in it is never terrible, and sometimes we are even ahead.
  • omar2nd


    Really interesting video! I love it. Hope others like this on the postflop strategy. ;)