NL200 Snap Poker with TruffleBoy

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Short-handed
(21 Hlasy) 9943


In his debut for English community, our high stakes coach plays a live session on NL200 Snap Poker on 888poker. Enjoy & share your feedback!


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  • diesdas92


    Hi TruffleBoy,

    nice Vid. ty very much. One Question to min 30:22. What should be the weakest hand that call ur River push? Something like Aj?


    lol that guy called a 3bet with 73s
  • Jaunais


    good one! do u have a coaching thread or blog to follow?
  • JohnDoe1313


    18:48 QTo - you said you want to let him bluff his missed draws - does he have plenty of those? AsXs might not bet at all, we block QsXs and some gutshots as well. Not that many hands to bluff but I believe he snap calls Jx, some slowplayed Kx, maybe even 9x that otherwise check back high portion of time. You considered that he might fold QQ vs your bet. Why? That's probably a weaker player based on his preflop play, right? Plus his stack size. Do you really think they fold that much on the river? I think it should be a bet.

    Why do you check flop in the first place? To check/raise?

    19:26 79s - what's your opening range preflop from MP? I suppose you can valueshove A5s and do you play 75s, 55, 54s, 65s or anything else like that? Considering my range I don't have more straights than him, just A5s. He probably plays 55 like that and I don't open 65s or other 5x from MP for now and I would probably check 55 somewhere.

    I assume we are facing a reg there, I don't play 888, but based on his stack he might be weaker, so there could be plenty of funky 5x played that way.

    Haven't finished the video yet, but so far I like your style, cool stuff, looking forward to more from you.
  • JohnDoe1313


    29:47 Q9s - what's your value range on the turn? MP called a 3way cbet while sandwitched, doubt his range is wide and it might have most JJ-TT, JTs. I don't think you have 50% equity to valuebet even with AA, there's still one street to play and I would like to protect my checks with some of the 2pair+ combos, which leads into a very narrow valuebetting range. I think you are overbluffing the turn here if you also bet majority of KQ, 98s, some flush draws. Your thoughts?
  • TruffleBoy


    Hey guys. Appreciate that you liked my first Video.
    @DiesDas I would assume that his calling range should be like AKo with spade blockers+

    @Jaunais. I dont have a blog but I offer private coaching. I will open soon a thread for that but your welcomed to pm for that as well.

    @JohnDoe1313 I will answer your questions later have some errands to do now :)
  • SilaTigraa


    closed after first hand aqo, just call not 4b on cutoff vs button and checkfold flop, too weak, bad reg
  • lolohebic1


    hi nice vid, i have one quastion who is or who was your coach ?
  • TruffleBoy


    Hey JohnDoe

    regarding the QT hand I probably missed the action in game. Usually I should have cbet the flop
    after X-X though he might call with weak Qxs, Txs type of hands that he might limp call preflop and picked up a gutter on the turn.

    Due to his stacksize I assume that he is a weaker player and henceforth they dont have a normal range and just
    might play "pretty" suited hands and that includes as said Qxs Txs or just random Flushdraws that he might picked up on the turn.

    regarding folding QQ on the river is possible just because they might be afraid of Kx but as mentioned I am not sure what he would do on river.

    My opening range preflop from MP depends on the table but usually it would be like sth like that:
    22+, A2s+, K8s+, Q8s+, J8s+, T8s+, 97s+, 86s+, 76s, 65s, 54s, ATo+, KTo+, QTo+ on softer line ups and the better the regs are the tighter I would get .

    Moreover SB calling range is always hard to figure out but as a guideline I would assume it is small pp heavy (which would more frequently xR flop or turn so we can discount a lot of them or a bunch of broadway type of hands KQ AJ AQ QJ KJ etc and weaker player might float those hands more often because they are getting attached to them and dont like to fold overcards in general.

    Q9s: on the turn my valuerange should look like this : mixing AJo+ between check and bet . because we started the hand multiway we should be in general a bit tighter but he still should have a lot of KQ in his range he needs to defend some Tx he probably has all the Nutflushdraws to call turn with. Dont forget that this board hits us quiet well . And our checking range is not unprotected I would put TT in my checking range 100% on the turn we can check QQ-KK sometimes and as mentioned AJ.
  • JohnDoe1313


    Thanks for writing down all these thoughts.

    So basically the 97s hand was a good spot to attack capped range on scary runnout, not really a ''theory'' play?
  • ostreze13


    ertuiu b09 iuwuj
  • croo633


    Good video, thanks!
  • lolohebic1


    hi TruffleBoy when you will put another video maybe something with solvers ?