Fish Fryer - Identifying & Isolating (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $200
  • Short-handed
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Welcome to the brand new series by our no-limit cash guru. In this series w34z3l will be focusing on maximizing your winnings by playing versus weaker players. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


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    very good
  • airedejah22


  • sars1887


    Thank you for this video, good content
  • beeferino


    very basic, general video. Would have made sense to make this global or silver content, to give those guys a better idea what they can expect from the series. Im excited for the following videos.
  • Kelvin88


    thx good video
  • sirlax27


    I got past the intro and liking what I’m seeing thus far where can I view the rest of the series?
  • beeferino


    @sirlax you have to buy "gold" status, to continue watching.
  • imgoingtomirage


    ...or get it by playing tracked - we offer free StrategyPoints for those who play on accounts connected to our page.
  • vivicvrRNMD


    Very Good
  • ghaleon


    Would just add that maximizing hourly at given time and improving your game can be sort of conflicting ideas. So while multitabling more can create sometimes better hourly it often also makes it harder to bring new ideas on your game.

    So to me especially in micro or small stakes it make more sense to focus more on learning and not necessarily hourly.
  • modeob


    Very nice introduction!!! Very happy to start study this series!!! You are real master, thanks for this work!