Fish Fryer - Iso Raising and Open Raising (2)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $200
  • Short-handed
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In the second part of this series, w34z3l focuses on essentials of iso raising and open raising. Enjoy!


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  • minituner1


    top video
  • veganstyle


    Overrated status imho
  • zilld4r


    Nice job
  • Hokuspoker


    Nice video. Are there any differences between live and online poker or it is the same?
  • Pasiolkietis


  • Rejong


  • w34z3l


    @4 - Concepts are mostly the same, but the iso-raise sizings typically need to be larger to avoid getting a large number of callers. Especially true at the $1/$2 levels. It's easily possible we'll find ourselves iso-raising 7 or 8bb IP especially with players still behind. Not to mention, live games are more likely to player deep, so the large iso can make more sense for this reason.

    At $2/5 and above the smaller sizings might get through since some of the players are better, but it needs to be considered on a table by table basis.

    A good live player we'll usually be able to switch between different iso sizings depending on the type of hand he has. Some starting hands don't mind multi-way pots that much, while others need to actively discourage them.
  • modeob


    Nice video liker always!!! Very thank you!!! I will continuo with this series in order to crush recreational players :D