Common Mistakes Most Beginners Do

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
(11 Hlasy) 4327


Our coach created a very important guide that should be a mandatory position for everyone new to poker as well as for players who are already playing on microstakes. If you are one of them, don't wait - watch this video now!


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  • Fraenk2k2


    Very good collection of common mistakes. Found myself in there once or twice. Thanks for the video
  • GorillaMVP


    Awesome! I thank to the author for video♥♥♥
  • Zeezout


    Really clear and good stuff!

    Learned that I learn too much and didn't learn much, so this is a real eye opener!

    Thanks :)
  • xxnub


    Very good video. I think tilit can cost you lot more than 100bb at 10000 probably 500bb in my case.
  • vivicvrRNMD


    Very Good :)
  • ivele


    Very good video. I think tilit can cost you lot more than 100bb at 10000 probably 500bb in my case.
  • Talisker74


    Well very helpful video.
    I a video about note taking would be very nice...
    Which information are worse to be noted, and how to do it, to use the notes while playing (so how to get sorted and compromised...)
  • la55i


    Thanks for the suggestion, I will think about it :)
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    Good Video - I think that even the newiest beginner wont have a problem in understanding it
  • Arnalsan


    There are stuffs thar I'd never heard before and it is a really relevant vid 4 every1.
  • GroovyShark


    Thank you la55i, your videos are awesome. Very simple & clear explained, brought exactly to the point. I will recommend to watch all of your videos to my friends, who just start exploring poker world. :) However I'm not a novice anymore, but found a lot of useful things there too. Especially thank you for the Video about Math & Odds, my very favorite!
  • filip212


    Can you better explain 3bet and expected value more than 12BB on some practice? I dont have good english and i dont good understand it... You think if we are on flop we must bet more than 12BB? Or?
  • la55i


    Yea of course I can try to explain that better :) So, if BTN opens for 2.5bb and we 3bet him to 8bb. Then if villain folds pre-flop --> we win his open raise + small blind + big blind = we make instant profit of 4bb. Now if he calls, our hand must be quite good for us to make even more money. For us to really want villain to call our 3bet, our expected value should be higher than 4bb (that we would win instantly if he folds) + 8bb (that we risked pre-flop) = 12 bb. I don't mean you have to bet 12bb. The main point is that you must have a quite good hand for you to really WANT villain to call your 3bet. With many strong looking hands you still make profit postflop, but not that much that you should be sad if villain folds it pre. Did this help at all?
  • Klausen16


    Thanks for this! :)