How Our Coach Built His Bankroll From $20 By Playing Micros

  • Záznamy coachingů
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
  • Short-handed
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Our Microstakes coach LemOn36 goes through his journey explaining how he was able to build a bankroll from just $20 in 70k hands by playing only microstakes. This is a great blueprint for you all. Enjoy and good luck at the tables!


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  • veganstyle


    I don't mean your others videos are not good,don't get me wrong..but Ithink this one is probably the most inspiring and helpful for the micro stakes players.. Even lasting for nearly 2h it felt shorter XD
    Finally someone recognizes that variance affects also at the micros, that it can either help you climb faster i-f you get un up-, or slow you down on the scale to mid stakes despite playing decently.
    the biggest point you made to me, is that the ability to adapt to the metagame is the key,perhaps more important that your technical skills.Thanks for this video
  • LemOn36


    Thank you very much VegenStyle!
    You're absolutely right, that's why most bankroll challenges from high stakes players have failed or took years to finish

    It's easy underestimate the impacts of variance and work needed to climb up from nothing
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  • Sepurta


    I like how passionate you are in your videos :)
  • AlexKockar


    nice! :)
  • SpongeWok


    What do you guys think: Zoom of regular Tables?
  • pokericca


    nice video!