NL $100 SSS FR Session Review

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $100
  • Fullring
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Mansion Poker Session Review Theory Video

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  • extpan


    Hello,what is you bb/100 on n100 on mansion?Is profitabile to bet always only half pot as c/bet?even if hand need protection you always bet half so just im interesting....
  • watcher123


    Informative and well done video.

    LoL@ AQos 3-bet preflop raise because I know your opponent.
  • Tim64


    At 35' in the video, you raise with AcQh and get a call from a shortstack. The board is 5,6,7 with 3 hearts and you say 'obviously I am going all in here' when he reraises your c-bet on flop. This really surprises me as you have no pair and the board it ultra drawy. Any pocket pair is ahead of you and also any drawing hand that would bet and finally you have a double stack so you have so much more to lose. Personally I would fold to this 3bet (as advised in the PS strategy guide) so I would be interested if anyone can explain why its right to go allin here. Thanks - Tim
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    Oh :D I thought this video would never be released because I did submit it several months ago :D :D :D :D


    to answer at #1 1,87BB/100 at last 200k hands NL100/200
  • ukcoolcat


    obviously he made a mistake with that hand and has neatly avoided forwarding an answer, i agree with you tim64 AQ on that board is a fold imho
  • noclaninator


    19:54 I don't like this call with AQ. Even against his open raise we would only have 51.5% equity according to equilator (assuming 10% PFR). Against a range of AJ+ 99+ I feel this call could be made but I do not think 10% PFR would reraise with this range. My guess is he would reraise with something more like AQ+, TT+ or even something like AK+, JJ. Neither of these ranges gives us enough equity to call the shove. I would have folded here even though he clearly is not a normal SSS player.