Odds and Outs - How Should You Play Draws?

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This video looks at Odds and Outs and how they affect the way you play draws.


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  • AleMantovani


    Great video. I guess I'm able to start playing more profitably now!
  • BCShad0w


    I find it a little funny how when Hero has done something he shouldn't, it's pretty much the case someone will make the exact same movements within an SnG!

    Unfortunately, it pays them off, which is a bummer!

    Also, I know these hands are all examples only, yet with 23/K7 really playable? I'll see chumps do it, but there's nothing in the hands charts.

    I'm only asking, as sometimes depending the situation, I'll stray away from the hand chart, and was wondering if it was really ok to drop as low as 23 or K7?

  • gedavaca


    thank you for this video i overstand a little more of how to aplicate that on my game
  • Huckebein


    @2: 23 is more or less only played in a free play, but then you play it like any other hand. K8 won't be played often as well, but sometimes you make stealraises and you can find yourself on the flop with sth like K8 or K7 as well.

    For openraising you should stick to the charts :)
  • renegadegeek


    Thanks for the video!

    On sample hand Middle stage with Hero with OED stack 1890 holding (4/5 off)
    There is a mistake where its says SB bets 300 in fact it should be 600. Just to let you know as it changes the decision as for a 300 bet u may call but the 600 is a fold.
  • dgking1986


    bcshadow stop thinking of all the negative things that have happened , u want your opponents allin when they have 32% equity. you should definately compare the amount of times you have won to that type of draw according to how many times you have won
  • dgking1986


    won to loss comparison i meant obvs sorry