Bet sizing - How much do you bet and why?

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Knowing how much to bet is a big part of the game of poker. This video tells you what factors you need to take into account when thinking about betting and what you want to accomplish from it. Understanding the reasoning behind your actions makes the whole process a lot easier.


betsize Theory Video

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    this is English;thank you PS
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    Thanks it was great.
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    really... quiet qlear
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    nice, useful video, tnx
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    a clear and precise introduction to bet sizing. ty
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    love her voice, so clear
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    Great video, I hope it improves my game!
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    Nice video, enjoyed and have gained knowledge! Thankyou!
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    Is the size of the blocking bet (1/3rd) giving away that you are making a blocking bet?
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    Thank you, useful video
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    I don't understand. I've learned here that i shouldn't play draws in tournaments.
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